Friday, June 20, 2008

Some Things I Have Made

Whew! Computer troubles stink!  But I think I got it all straightened out and now I can get my blog back on track. In the meantime, here are a few things that I have made that I am proud of. I will admit that some of the photography is lacking.  

I really love this bag. I made it from a recycled Old Navy backpack (the pink part) and pieced it with a piece of vintage fabric (the blue). I think it turned out pretty cute!

A friend saw a bag in the Sundance catalog and asked me to make one for her. I actually found some very similar fabric and made a pattern quite like the one in the catalog. It turned out pretty well, I even managed to make leather straps for it.

This next one was made from a large piece of killer bark cloth. I got it at a little antique/junk shop in Charlottesville. I really, really love this fabric. I even made a shower curtain from it!

Then I made it into a zippered clutch.

Here is a basic tote made from a really cool piece of yellow flocked fabric. I think it used to be a tablecloth. I try to use thrifted and recycled fabrics as much as possible.

Same style, different fabric:

Same style but in oilcloth. I really, really love oilcloth. It's not terribly easy to sew with, but it sure is cute!

And another oil cloth bag. I really love this one.  Unfortunately, they are hard to photograph, because the flash always makes a reflection.

And another....

And another....

Actually, I haven't made any bags in awhile.  Actually, I haven't made anything in awhile.  The kids are home from school for the summer, and they seem to be taking all my time.  Hopefully, soon... 


Threads of Inspiration said...


Thank you, thank you for posting. I keep checking your blog for updates. Glad the computer is fixed. I really miss seeing you and being in the studio. Soon, soon, soon.

Anonymous said...

finally! i've been checking every day and been crushed to find no new posts. although seeing "Roller Derby!!!" always made me smile. <:o)
I LOVE the bags! Those oil cloth bags look like they would be great for grocery shopping. well, yours are probably too nice for grocery shopping. and anyway, i can never remember the bags.
but anyway, welcome back!

Anonymous said...

I checked your blog on the (very) off chance and.....there it was! Loved seeing your bags. By the way, who is the model?


Dandelion Factory said...

My tall, thin, blond friend, Christine. She makes everything look good. And she is single, if you know anyone!