Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Sewing Club

My studio partner, Susan, recently told me about a newly formed group of women interested in fiber arts.  I was thrilled when I was invited to join.  Since last fall, we have been meeting twice a month to share our mutual interests in crafting and sewing, show off our current projects, get inspiration, etc.  It has really been fun, and I have enjoyed meeting some new people.

At our meeting last Monday, Kate, who is has a unique sculpting talent, showed us the mascot she is busily making for our local children's museum (The Virginia Discovery Museum:  Right now she has the head constructed of what is sure to be a most amazing kangaroo.  Here she is showing it off!

And trying it on: 

We also talked about and looked at pictures of a dress that Rose made for a Home, Health and Heart Show in Charlottesville.  It was made of organic fabric and woven, appliqued, and sewn. Truly a work of art!  Rose makes custom clothing and bridal gowns (she has an etsy shop, also:

As an incentive to encourage us to expand our creative horizons, the group decided to come up with a monthly "art assignment" using fibers.  After much discussion, we decided that the theme for the month would be determined somewhat randomly.  We all wrote several words on little slips of paper that were put in a basket.  Someone drew out two words, and, voila!, we have a theme!  The assignment for this month is to make something, anything, using the words "telephone" and "closeness".  

Susan Leschke has started working on her project.  It is a cell phone case in which she has printed a photoshopped image of herself onto fabric.  She is going to stitch and embroider the hell out of it (all beautifully, as is her way).  So, get it?  She is going to have a telephone close to her!  I will post pictures when we have our meeting.

In the meantime, I would like to say "thank you" to all of you who have posted comments regarding my button collection.  While I appreciate all of the, er, helpful ideas on ways to use the buttons, what I was looking for was ways to organize them.

I will let you know when I finish the Coat of Many Buttons.


Lisa said...

Yep - that surely is going to be a most amazing kangaroo. It sort of Looks like it would fit into one of Julie Taymor's productions. Is it made out of fabric or paper mache? I am Miss Non-Craft so I really am wondering.

Looking forward to seeing what comes out of "telephone" and "closeness". If you had not explained Susan L's plan, my head would still be swimming around the concept!!

Oh - The link to Rosa's site isn't working but I would love to see her work.

Threads of Inspiration said...


It was fun to read about our little textile group. I'm about to put my first entry into my! I wonder if it will be as easy as I hope.
BTW, I thought of a PERFECT way to organize your buttons. You need to get (or make) some of those hanging jewelry holders. They have a bunch of little pockets and you could have one hanger for each color and if you make it you could put pockets (our of clear vinyl) on both sides. Then, of course you would need a place to hang them all and that may mean reorganizing the whole studio!