Thursday, April 03, 2008


I have pretty recently acquired two pieces of machinery in my studio that are very intriguing. Okay, so one is really a tool, but it seems pretty machine-like in my book. The first is my beloved grommet maker.

My dearest husband gave this to me for Christmas. I bet I am the only gal in Nelson County, okay, maybe in Virginia, whose husband gave her a grommet maker for Christmas this year. And, I LOVE IT! Look at that baby! You just place the grommet pieces in the tool, stick the fabric in, pull the handle, and Voila!, you have a grommet.

It really couldn't be easier. I used it to put a bunch of grommets into a leather backpack that I made for my sister-in-law. It worked like a dream. Maybe I will throw away all those buttons and cover everything in grommets instead....

Now this little baby does not quite give me the pleasure my grommet maker does.

My friend, Jenny, has loaned it to me. It is quite a nice serger, according to the repair dude who did the tune-up. I really do appreciate how lucky I am to have access to it, but, unfortunately, I am a bit afraid of it. I don't know why it scares me. Sergers are supposed the be the greatest thing ever (but people who say that never had a grommet maker), and I know there are many folks who have paid quite a pretty penny for one. I have tried to use it several times, and it worked okay (although the tension takes a bit of tweaking). So what's the big deal? Maybe, like everything else, it takes some getting used to.  I think it is time to give it another try.  I will let you know how it goes.


Vania Root said...

Lucky you! I think a grommet maker is a wonderful gift. I just acquired a crop-a-dile (small scale to what you have) and am having a blast. I, too, understand your hesitation with the serger. I have a mini one and am not sure exactly what to do with it. Mine doesn't trim the fabric while sewing, so I should just use it to finish edges?? - boring! Now a grommet maker - one knows exactly what you're going to do with that. ;)

Dandelion Factory said...

Well, I will admit that the part of serging that is the most fun is watching the trimmed fabric fall away!