Friday, April 25, 2008

Telephone + Closeness

In a previous post, I mentioned that my sewing club (who still needs a name... an idea is The Threadheads, but there has not been any agreement on that.  If someone has a good idea, let me know!) decided to do a sort of monthly art challenge.  Two words are selected out of a hat and we have to make something that utilizes fabric to express those words.  Last month, the words we chose were "telephone" and "closeness".  On Monday, we had our meeting and unveiled our creations.

First, Susan L. showed us her cell phone case that she made.  I took a photo of her using a telephone, and she Photoshopped it.  Then she printed the image onto a special fabric that you can run through your printer.  She sewed a cover for her cell phone, and then embroidered and beaded it.  Pretty cool, huh?

Rose took a pair of black vintage elbow length gloves and gave them a telephone motif. She made covered buttons that she embroidered numbers on, and turned a spaghetti strap into a coiled telephone cord.

These are beautiful!

Susan Skalak (yes, almost half the group is named Susan) is an engineer.  So, her take on the theme was to express sound waves and put it into a quilt.   Pretty impressive, I think.  Believe me, this is the last thing in the world I would have come up with!

Kate took the word "closeness" and used the sound to interpret into "clothes".  This darling pinafore is what she made.  And it even has telephone buttons on the front!  I love it.  And she made the box just for transporting it, but we decided that it sets off the pinafore beautifully.

Connie was not present at the meeting where we picked these words.  Thus, she thought we could use just one of the words in the project.  She chose "closeness" and expressed it in the form of this amazing turtle quilt (unfinished).  She and her youngest son are very fond of turtles, and she is making this quilt for him as a surprise.  It is really, really beautiful.  I love the barnacles on the turtle's back.

Lastly, my project did not have quite the level of sewing that the other women's did.  I had a couple of ideas for the project, including an 80's New Wave style t-shirt involving images of Blondie and the song Call Me.  It was turning into a disaster.  So, the morning before our meeting, I came up with this:

It is a very old telephone covered in plaid fabric and the note attached to it says:  "Sorry - no longer in business.  I've gone fishing in the nearest loch.  Alistair Brody."  Get it?  Closed = close.  Nearest loch = close Ness?  Get it?  Isn't that just hilarious????  Okay, so it was a bit of a stretch, but I was desperate.  Forgive me.

The two words selected for next month's project are "rain" and "winged".  Should be interesting.

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Lisa said...

I need to learn how to sew to get in this group. You must be the coolest chicks in Nelson County. Well, some of the coolest chicks since there is a lot of competition.

Susan - your submission was cool but I hope someone hit you on the head. :)