Thursday, April 10, 2008

Photoshop for Textile Artists

I took a short class in Photoshop last month.  I realize that it barely scratched the surface of what one can do with that program, but it was amazing how much I learned in that short course.  One of the things I did was to work on this picture of my parents that was taken when they were dating.

I would place it to around 1954.  My father was a midshipman at the Naval Academy and my mother worked at a bank in the suburbs of Philadelphia.  They visited each other when they could, although neither one's parents approved.  My mother was a Good Catholic Girl and my father was a Good Greek Boy.  (Needless to say, neither of them fit into the other parent's expectations).

This picture was very grainy, and the color was faded.  It was scanned into the computer, and I tried to do with it what I could.  Really, there wasn't much that could be done, but I think I made it a little richer.

The fun came when I started messing with filters.  This effect is called Cut Out.  

My studio partner, Susan Leschke (who took the class with me), suggested that it would make a great fabric collage or quilt.  I agree.  However, quilts are not my thing.  They require far too much precision (although, this one looks like it would allow for some inaccuracy).  Therefore, I think I will pass this potential project on to my talented sister, Marianne.  She is a most excellent quilter and is the president of her area guild, The Cabin Branch Quilt Guild.  I will let you know if she takes on this project!


Threads of Inspiration said...

Oh, Susan I really hope your sister takes on this project. I think the image is really wonderful, and as you know I love that filter!

Marianne said...

well, maybe i will give it a try, but do you think you can do the filter thing but with color? i can't work with all those neutrals! although i guess that would really be an artistic challenge. not that i am really looking for one!
oh, and btw, i am not the president of CBQ! (although i was, back in 2002...)


Dandelion Factory said...

You will always be the President of the CBQ to me!

Green Kitchen said...

You can use the paint bucket tool to drop color into the different tonal areas. Another way to play with color is to use Levels. I can't remember the words to describe the process, but if you need help you can email me and I'll dig further into the recesses of my brain. ;)

Dandelion Factory said...

Thanks! I will try the paint bucket out. There is way too much to learn on Photoshop!

By the way, I love your blog!