Sunday, April 27, 2008

Needle Books

My friend, Deb, who gave me the funny cards to sell, also has given me these needle books to put up on my etsy site.  I really love them, and I think it is a shame that businesses don't make useful things like these anymore.  Just like with those beautiful vintage flour sacks, needle books have long ago gone by the wayside.  But aren't they neat?  Little advertisements on your ever useful set of sewing needles.  I like this one for Society Snuff.  It's so fancy!  

This is another snuff company:

And here is the interior.  The packets that hold the needles and the threader are little works of art:

Tops also made these cute button cards.

Underneath the button card on the left, there
is a little calendar!  This one was dated from

Moore's Lumber company had a very simple needle card with just its logo on the front. I think this is a great graphic.  

Isn't it funny how these masculine products are advertised on ladies' needle books?

I love this one for Acme Markets.

And, of course, the piece de resistance is this one with the space ship and the women sewing on the cover. These women are featured in a number of different styles of needle books. One is called Sewing Susan, which I happen to have one of (someone gave it to me for obvious reasons!).

I am planning on listing these on my etsy site, so if you want to buy them, you can do so there.


Suzan said...

I agree about the needle books! They're just plain fun.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, enjoyed your blog this morning.
a recent issue of Quilter’s Home magazine had an article about needle books. the guy who publishes it collects them and featured quite a few in the article.
I think the companies made these to get the women to encourage their husbands to buy the product. Just like with the feedsacks. I’m trying to think of what a ‘modern’ company could make to encourage ME to encourage my husband to buy their motor oil or beer or brand of tools. Hmm.