Saturday, April 19, 2008

Say What?!

On, you can post vintage items to sell as well as handmade items. A friend of mine, who is an expert yard saler, has supplied me with a few neat things to post to fill up my section of Vintage Items in my Etsy Shop. Among them were these greeting cards. I figure they are from the early 60's, and they are too hilarious. You really don't see them like this anymore!

Aaah, yes, Political Incorrectness at its finest:

Remember when they put "dunce caps" on kids? Well, I don't remember myself, because that was a little before my time, but I think they did it!

Feeling down in the dumps?

How about some pep pills?

Can you believe how mean this police officer is? She(?-- it's hard to tell with police dogs) won't let this other dog vandalize this fence!!!

Somebody snapped them up immediately when I posted them (now I wish I had priced them higher!!).

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Anonymous said...

So, the balls are "allowed" to be square?